Rich in Alkaline Minerals
Strong Anti-Oxidant properties
Works like Vitamin C
100% Natural
FDA Approved (100% Safe)
10 Reasons To Choose AOX
Anti-Aging Effects
Increases Metabolism
Improves Immune System
Supplies Essential Minerals (Ca, Mg, K, Na)
Neutralises Acidic Wastes & Uric Acids
Powerful Anti-Oxidants & Detoxifier
Restores pH Balance In Body
Smaller Water Cluster Size
Reduces Cholesterol & Blood Sugar Level
Improves Blood Circulation

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Closing Date: 15 December 2012
50 Winners will be notified by post.

Q: AOX is the 1st and only Antioxidant Alkaline Hot/Cold Dispenser with built in Oxygenator.

A: True or False?

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AOX is designed to detox your body, restoring the blood cells to deliver oxygen and nutrients effectively. It helps to remove toxins that have been stored, kick-starting, supporting and cleansing the organs that are responsible for elimination and getting things moving so that every system is working efficiently. Read More

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