Rich in Alkaline Minerals
Strong Anti-Oxidant properties
Works like Vitamin C
100% Natural
FDA Approved (100% Safe)
Frequently Asked Questions

  • Product information
    • What are the differences between AOX water dispenser and those commonly available water filter systems?
      While we are unable to compare our product with all the water filter systems available, generally, most water filters eliminate suspended sediments and dissolved contaminants in the water to provide clean drinking water. AOX Heavy Duty 2-Stage Sediment/Nano Silver Activated Carbon is able to achieve this as well. It is able to filter off even minute impurities that are 15 times smaller than a grain of sand! What differentiates AOX from other water dispensers, however, is that the water is passed through AOX Antioxidant Alkaline filter as well, where the natural goodness of antioxidant and alkaline properties is added.

      What are the advantages of AOX Antioxidant Alkaline Water Dispenser over Electrolysis Alkaline Ionizer?

      Comparison Chart Electrolysis Ionizer AOX
      Is electricity needed to process the Alkaline Water? YES
      Resulting in the water having an unstable PH and ORP
      Resulting in the water having a stable pH and ORP
      Risk of Magnetic Waves? YES NO
      Risk of Rusty Metal Plates? YES NO
      Wear & Tear of electrodes? YES NO
      Replaceable AOX cartridges available
      Does it produce waste water during ionization? YES
      Acid Water is discharged
      Natural Minerals? Coral Calcium only Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium and Sodium (HSA Tested)
      Type of Filters used? Small volume of sediment/carbon used. Heavy Duty Sediment/Nano Silver Activated Carbon Cartridge
      Can it provide water of varying temperatures? NO
      Provides water only at room temperature
      Model AOX 3000, 4000 & 5000 can provide HOT / COLD
      Does it come equipped with UV Light that is used to generate O3 which can kill 99.99% of bacteria/viruses? NO YES
      Model AOX 2000 and Model AOX 3000, 4000 & 5000 (Optional)
      Is it approved for use as a medical device by FDA and KFDA? Dependent upon price and model YES
      Live Blood Analysis for health monitoring? NO FREE for AOX users. $120/session for non-users

      Does AOX need electricity to work?
      No. When water is passed through AOX Antioxidant Alkaline Filter, ion exchange takes place and water is converted to AOX Antioxidant Alkaline Water.

      Electricity is used only for the UV light, chiller and boiler unit. Even if no electricity is supplied, the AOX water will still be rich in alkaline minerals and strong in antioxidant properties.

      Does boiling AOX water cause it to lose its good properties?
      Unlike typical alkaline water converted by Alkaline Ionizer Water Dispensers, AOX has very stable alkaline properties. The alkaline nature is due to the natural minerals; Mg, Ca, K and Na added into the water. Boiling does not remove the alkaline minerals.

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      Nevertheless, the antioxidant properties that come from the dissolved oxygen and hydrogen may be lost when the water is heated till boiling point of a hundred Degree Celsius.

      What are the differences between AOX models?

      AOX 2000 AOX 3000 AOX 4000 AOX 5000
      F12 (2 Stage Sediment/Nano Silver Activated Carbon Filter) Yes Yes Yes Yes
      AOX Antioxidant Alkaline Filter Yes Yes Yes Yes
      UV Light Yes Optional Optional Optional
      Post Carbon made of coconut husk. For tastier water. Yes Yes Yes Yes
      Water Temperature Warm Hot / Warm / Cold Hot / Cold Hot / Warm / Cold
      L x B x H (cm)
      28 x 13 x 42 40 x 43 x 52 30 x 33 x 104 40 x 32 x 104
      Price (SGD) $1899.00 $2199.00 $2199.00 $2399.00
      Recommended for Families with babies or weak elderly folks Families with needs for Hot / Chilled Water For office use For office / home use

      Which model should I choose?
      1. Do you prefer ready Hot/Chilled water? If yes, pick a choice from AOX-3000, 4000 or 5000.
      2. Most offices will go for rental of AOX-4000 floor standing model. Please call our sales consultants for the rental rate.

      Where I purchase AOX?
      You may call our sales consultants at 6743 4321 or visit one of the Healthway or Silver Cross Medical Centre near your home. (Please see “Contact Us” page for more details.)

      Do I need the UV Light model?
      UV light is recommended for homes with babies younger than a year-old, and weak elderly folks. The UV light will eliminate 99.99% of viruses and bacteria.

      What are the modes of payment?
      Payment can be made through cash, cheques, and credit cards from any bank. Payment through credit cards comes with interest free installment plans: Maybank (18 months), Citibank, Diners Club and UOB (12 months).

  • Benefits
    • What are the benefits of AOX water?
      AOX water has anti-aging effects. It also increases metabolism, improves immune system, supplies essentials minerals, neutralizes acidic wastes and uric acid, restores pH balance in the body, reduces cholesterol and blood sugar, improves blood circulation and does so much more.

      What will happen if my body becomes accustomed to drinking AOX water and I have travel to places where I have no access to my water dispenser?
      AOX water boosts your immune system and detoxifies your body’s acidic wastes. It is always good to drink AOX whenever you can. In the event where you have no access to AOX water, you should turn to vitamin C and calcium tablets for help. Alternatively, you may purchase an AOX100 travel kit from us. For more information, you may contact our friendly sales consultant.

      What is pH and why pH body balance is very vital for health?
      PH is the quantitative measurement of acidity or alkalinity of a substance or solution. The pH scale is based on the number of hydrogen ions in the solution and runs from 0 to 14. Ordinary tap water with an equal amount of hydrogen ions and hydroxyl ions is measured as neutral or having a pH of 7. Acid solution is below pH7 while pH above that is alkaline.

      The reason why pH is so important for health is that living cells is ultra-sensitive to any changes in pH. Blood pH is maintained within a very narrow range, from 7.35 to 7.45; variances in anything more than a few tenths will most likely result in death. Cancer cells live in acidic environment while Healthy cells in alkaline environment.

      The acidic foods and beverages we consume daily affect the body's pH, so do the environment contaminants in the air we breathe and toxins that result from the agricultural practices. In fact, the pH balance in our diets is a largely overlooked issue in today's health, fitness, and our physical energy.

      The proportion of acid minerals relative to alkaline minerals is the major factor we use to understand what is happening internally. Body chemistry has a delicate range between pH 6.8 ¨C 7.4 for proper maintenance of health. The pH range internally is necessary for the whole body to function well physically, emotionally, and mentally.

      A person who has properly balanced pH will be happy, content, frees of body aches and muscle cramps. They will enjoy being emotionally stable and mentally clear. The results are extraordinary because the tissues will exist in their natural and optimal alkaline environment, conducive for health.

      What are Antioxidants and why do we need them?
      Oxidation means to decay or age. It results from regular function of metabolism and cell function. In the human body, oxidation is caused by free radical damage. Free radicals that exist in our body grab an electron from one of our cells to become stable and in the process damage the DNA of the cell so that when it divides, the new cell carries the mutant DNA that in turn passes along to the next cell when it divides. This is the cause of many diseases and it is also part of what makes us age. As we age, our body’s ORP becomes higher because we are oxidizing.

      Researchers almost universally blame oxidation for premature aging and degenerative diseases. Pollution, chemicals, food additives, pesticides, antibiotics, etc. are thought to dramatically accelerate the oxidation process, increasing the need for anti-oxidants. Many people are turning to supplements to increase the intake of anti-oxidants. However, the water you drink also contributes to the effect of the anti-oxidants supplements you take.

      AOX has a Negative Oxidation Reduction Potential (-ORP) therefore it offsets the higher ORP of our body as we are aging. Thus, we counteract the aging process by putting a negatively charged water which somewhat dampens the ever-rising ORP of our oxidizing body.

      AOX gives you an abundance of antioxidants to remove free radicals from your body. With its smallest cluster of water and the abundance of negative charged electrons (-ORP), it permeates into body cells readily to reduce free radicals into harmless water. AOX has the antioxidant properties to protect the body cells from damaging oxidation of "free radicals", boost up the body's immune system, innate healing, fat burning, detox, repair and rejuvenate cells.

      What do I expect after starting to drink AOX Antioxidant Alkaline Water?
      It is possible that you will notice differences in bowel habits during the first few days at any level. Urine frequency may increase and color may darken as more water is consumed and impurities discharge from the body. If you have gastric or indigestion problems, you might encounter "bloated feeling" or "burp" frequently. You might want to go slower during the first few days and increase your intake gradually if the discomfort bothers you.

      For those who have liver problems or on long-term medication, you might experience some skin rashes or outbreak. You might also encounter diarrhea during the first few days of drinking if you have serious constipation or abnormal fermentation in the intestine. This is the cleansing process and once it is over, you will feel better.

      The aforesaid are just some of the detoxification process you might experience during the initial period. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us for further assistance and advices.

      Are there any side effects of drinking too much Alkaline Ionized Antioxidant Water at high pH8 and above?
      People have been known to drink as much as 2 to 5 litres of AOX Antioxidant Alkaline Water every day and have benefited greatly from it. And they have not become too alkaline. On the contrary, one of the most common imbalances people have today that lead to health problems is that they are too acidic. Our body pH should be approx. pH 6.8 - 7.8 (measured through Saliva). A lower body pH creates an environment in our bodies that is conducive to sickness. Blood pH is maintained within a narrow, from 7.35 to7.45; variances in anything more than a few tenths will most likely result in death. Cancer cells live in acidic environment whereas Healthy cells live in alkaline environment.

      Is it safe to drink AOX water?
      Yes, it is 100% safe. AOX has been tested and certified by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration in USA) to be free of toxins. It has even been classified as a medical device that provides medical benefits.

      How much AOX water should I drink?
      The rule of the thumb is to drink about 8 glasses of 250 cc of water daily.

      Drinking one glass before you exercise will help to reduce weight and tummy fat very effectively.

      You should also drink another glass of AOX water after exercising for rehydration purposes. (AOX users are entitled to $100 cash rebate* for every 1 inch of tummy fat reduced. Call us for more information. *Terms and conditions apply)

      Is AOX water safe for pregnant woman and baby?
      During your pregnancy your body undergoes many changes. Here are just a few of them:

      You lose a lot of alkaline minerals to the baby;
      The baby receives nutrients from you through the umbilical cord;
      When these nutrients are “burnt”, they turn into acidic waste;
      Since your blood vessels are not connected to those of your baby,
        the baby must eliminate these wastes through the placenta;
      As a result, your body loses alkaline minerals to the placenta so the
        placenta has enough alkaline minerals to neutralize the acidic wastes
        of the baby;
      In turn, your blood quickly becomes acidic;
      In major research in Japan, doctors discovered that acidity is a major
        cause of morning sickness;
      Drinking AOX alkaline water may immediately relieve your
        morning sickness;
      It can also reverse the premature aging that can happen to a
        pregnant woman;
      Drinking AOX alkaline water can help prevent your baby being born
        with jaundice.

      AOX water provides the right nutrients and minerals to ensure the health of both baby and mother are protected.

      Is AOX water suitable for newborn babies?
      Yes, AOX is beneficial to newborn babies. For babies who are given milk with AOX water, the color of the feces becomes golden yellow and they do not fall sick frequently. A study in Japan showed that babies who are given milk in alkaline water maintain their health almost same as the babies who are fed on mother's milk.

      How are acidic wastes produced? How to do get rid of them?
      Consumption of junk food, soft drinks, alcoholic beverages and smoking leads to the generation of acidic wastes. Unhealthy lifestyle coupled with stress at work and home also contributes to acidic wastes. If these acidic wastes are not removed periodically, it will lead to various deficiencies and malignancies. The free radicals also damage the blood cells and reduce the oxygen level. All these may lead to degenerative diseases and cancer in the long run. An easy way to get rid of acidic wastes and free radicals is by drinking AOX Antioxidant Alkaline Water regularly to neutralize them.

      Is AOX alkaline water suitable for people who become swollen easily even when drinking water?
      Yes. AOX micro-clustered water is easily absorbed, circulated and excreted promptly, so it does not cause swelling of a body. In case you have a severe edema, it will be good to drink a small amount of water frequently, rather than to drink a large amount of water at a time.

      Will drinking AOX water help those with menstruation problems?
      Water can promote the circulation of blood by nature, so it will be better for those who have irregular menstruation or vascular diseases to drink more AOX water as it can be easily absorbed by the body. (Watch Christy Tan’s video testimonial)

      How should I store AOX water?
      In AOX water, there is lot of natural antioxidants which may be damaged by free radicals from the air. So, drink it fresh from the dispenser to get the best benefits. Do use the BPA-free AOX Sport Bottle to store AOX water for indoor or outdoor use. When you keep it in a refrigerator, you should cork a bottle and drink it within a week, so that active ingredients do not decrease.

      Can I drink AOX alkaline water for a long time?
      Yes. Alkaline Water has been approved as a Household Medical Instrument in Japan for the purpose of Health Promotion and Disease Prevention. More than 10 million Japanese have used alkaline water for 30 years, and it has also been proved by the Welfare Ministry in Japan that drinking alkaline water for a long time is good for health without any ill effect on the human body.

      What are the additional benefits of AOX water?

      Cooking Sticky Rice.
      Soak the rice in AOX water for 30 minutes before cooking. The cooked rice will be more fragrant and taste like Japanese sticky rice.

      Keeping Fish Fresh.
      Soak fish from the market for 10 minutes before refrigerating them. It helps to remove the fishy smell and keeps fish fresh for a long time.

      Removes toxins from meat.
      Soak the meat in AOX for 5 minutes before cooking. AOX helps to remove the toxins. The AOX small water cluster size will penetrate the meat, making it tender.

      Cleans fruits and vegetables.
      Soak the fruits or vegetables before eating or cooking. AOX’s anti-bacterial properties help to eliminate pesticides and parasites. Its antioxidant properties keep the vegetables and fruits crunchy and fresh.

      Slimming Effects
      Drinking 200 cc of AOX water 20 minutes before and after your exercise routine will help to detoxify the body. The AOX smaller water cluster size will flush out body fats and toxins resulting in natural slimming effect.

      Brewing Green Tea using AOX water at room temperature.
      Hot water often destroys much of goodness in green tea. You can brew green tea using AOX water at room temperature and it tastes just as good. Try it! (It is possible because of its smaller water cluster size as compared to tap water.)

      Brewing coffee and other beverages.
      With its smaller water cluster size, it helps to diffuse coffee and tea more effectively; resulting in richer and tastier beverages.

      Watering of plants.
      AOX natural minerals help plants to grow faster and healthier. Use AOX to see the difference.
  • Maintenance & Technical Issues
    • How often do I have to change the filters?
      It is recommended to change all the 3 filters on every 6 months or after producing 3,500 litres of AOX Antioxidant Alkaline Water.

      F12 2 Stage Sediment/ Nano Silver Activated Carbon filter - 3,500 litres/ 6 months

      F3 AOX Antioxidant Alkaline Filter - 3,500 litres/ 6 months

      F4 Post Carbon - 3,500 litres/ 6 months

      UV Light - 30,000 litres/ 36 months

      How much does it cost to change the filters?
      The cost of changing the filter is less than 95 cents per day in a household. In other words, if you have 5 members in your family, the cost of the filter is just 20 cents a day/pax.

      How do I know when to change the filters and who will help me?
      We will send you a reminder letter when the filters are due for changing. You will have to call our service department to fix an appointment at your convenient time. Our trained technician will visit your premises to change the filters and to provide a general cleaning on your dispenser.

      Where can I purchase AOX?
      You may call our sales consultants at 6456 4321 or visit one of the Healthway or Silver Cross Medical Centre near your home. Please see “Contact Us” page for more details.

      Why do I sometimes experience a sudden burst of water from AOX-2000?
      This usually happens to the newly installed AOX filter when there is lots of trapped compressed oxygen and hydrogen in the filter.

      Why are there some traces of carbon particles in the water?
      This may happen when a new filter is inserted. Flush away about 10 litres of water to get rid of the loose carbon. Carbon or charcoal is used to treat diarrhea and is perfectly safe.

  • How To Change Filter
  • How To Remove AOX2000 Connector

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