Rich in Alkaline Minerals
Strong Anti-Oxidant properties
Works like Vitamin C
100% Natural
FDA Approved (100% Safe)
What Doctors Are Saying About Alkaline Water

Dr. Don Colbert - board-certified and Christian author Dr. Colbert recommends alkaline in his book, 7 Pillars of Health

"I have had countless numbers of patients with painful osteoarthritis on many different medications for arthritis. Many have been pain free within a couple of months after adjusting their urine pH to 7.0 to 7.5 by consuming adequate amounts of alkaline water and alkaline foods. As a result, many are able to go off of their medications."

Dr. Theodore Baroody Author of Alkalize or Die

"I have administered over 5000 gallons of this water for about every health situation imaginable. I feel that alkaline water can benefit everyone

Dr. Sherry Rogers

"Alkaline water rids the body of acid waste... After carefully evaluating the results of my advice to hundreds of individuals, I'm convinced that toxicity in the form of acidic waste is the primary cause of degenerative disease."

Dr. Susan Lark / University lecturer and author of The Chemistry Of Success, says:

"Drinking four to six glasses of alkaline water a day will help to neutralize over acidity and over time will help to restore your buffering ability. Alkaline water should be used when conditions of over acidity develop, such as cold, flu or bronchitis. Like vitamins C, E and Beta Carotene, alkaline water acts as an antioxidant because of its excess supply of free electrons. This can help the body against the development of heart disease, strokes, immune dysfunctions, and other common ailments."

Dr. Ingfreid Hobert MD

"You do not need expensive medicine with all the negative side effects to regain health... Alkaline water has profound long term effects because it alkalizes your body and provides an effective antioxidant."

Dr. Robert O. Young, PhD in his book, The pH Miracle says it this way:

"Those willing to look again, and with clear eyes, will be rewarded with the secrets to permanent health. We can heal ourselves by changing the environment inside our bodies. Potentially harmful invaders, then, will have nowhere to grow and will become harmless."

Dr Eddy On Bacteria Growth

Dr Eddy On AOX Alkaline Water

*Dr. Horowitz*

"International studies show that populations with little or no history of illness, such as cancer…, drink higher (pH) alkaline waters. After all potential risk factors were considered and factored out, it became evident that they had been drinking waters with a pH of 9.0 to 10.0."

Dr. Robert Atkins, Author, "The Atkins diet"

"The fluids in the cells of most people’s bodies are overly acidic. This can cause a lot of problems. It prevents your body from neutralizing toxins, and leaves you more susceptible to the cell-damaging free radical oxidation that leads to cancer and other diseases."

Dr. William Kelly, College of Metabolic Medicine, Author, "Cancer Cure"

"Alkaline drinking water has become the most important advancement in health care since Sir Alexander Fleming’s discovery of penicillin."

Your health is your responsibility and the water you choose to drink is your choice. Treasure your gift of health. Don’t take it for granted.

Research in Japan since the 1950s and testimonials indicate the following conditions have been improved from drinking alkaline ionized water:

High blood pressure
Poor circulation
Chronic fatigue
Leg cramps
Water Retention
Muscle aches
Body Odor
Common Colds
Kidney Stones

Come and take a Live Blood Analysis Test to see how AOX Antioxidants Alkaline Water improves your immune system. You may bring along your home filtered water to see if it is effective.

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