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Testimonials of AOX Users

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Recovered from urinary hesitancy

My family's health improves after drinking AOX

Milian Yong sharing her experience after her Live Blood Test

Looks younger and feels more energetic

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Alex Tham

Candy Gan
*AOX benefits my whole family.

I am so privileged to own an AOX dispenser to take care of my whole family’s health. My daughter loves the taste of AOX water that she stopped drinking those unhealthy soft drinks.

My complexion is much better than before and I see the glow and elasticity on my face. The dry peeling skin on my legs has fully recovered after drinking AOX. My digestion has improved and I am able to clear my bowel easily. There is an overall body slimming effect, especially on my tummy area.

My family is enjoying the extra fragrance and smooth texture from the rice cooked by using AOX. It tastes like Japanese sticky rice. I also use AOX to wash my fruits and vegetable to eliminate the parasites and pesticides. The little investment is definitely worth it!

BRT Recommends AOX

Juliana Ling
Executive Secretary
*More Energy, Less Cramps

Thanks for introducing me to AOX water. I used to have cramps in my shin quite often. Ever since I started drinking AOX, I do not have this problem and I am able to have better quality sleep.

I also used to feel very lethargic after work in the evenings and would try not to engage in too many activities. However, drinking AOX water has enabled me to become energetic and now I’m hoping to pick up some sports to stay fit. I usually fall asleep by 10pm every night due to sheer exhaustion, but now I am able to go to bed only when I feel sleepy. Thank you for AOX water.

The Secret On How To Lose Pot Belly

Wendy Quek
Immigration Officer
*High Blood Pressure dropped from 140 to 128 in 3 weeks

It is so unbelievable that my high blood pressure dropped from 140/100 to 128/87 in just 3 weeks after drinking AOX daily. I used to feel very sleepy in the afternoon. Now, I am full of energy. My frequent headache and knee pain is gone. My family is saving on the medical bills and suffering. AOX, you are number 1!

AOX Improves Immunity

Mr Goh
Sales Engineer
*No more joint pain from Gout

I was shocked to see my blood cells in a very bad condition when I did a blood analysis. I observed a lot of “durian” shaped free radicals attacking the blood cells. The condition of my blood cells improved tremendously in just 20 minutes after drinking AOX water. During the 2 months I drank only AOX water, I was very delighted to find that I did not suffer from any joint swellings or pain that used to appear every fortnightly. This was caused by my gout problem which I have been suffering from for the past few years. I would strongly recommend that people drink AOX Anti-oxidant alkaline water if they want healthier lives.

Sheryl Tan
Sales Executive
*Spinning Headache

As a working mum taking care of 2 teenage kids, I am always under immense stress. I was very worried and upset when I saw my “deformed” blood cells during the live blood analysis. I was so amazed to see my blood cells turning back to “normal” in just 20 mins after drinking AOX water. I was fascinated when I lost 2kg in body weight after 2 months consuming AOX water. Now I don’t need to spend huge sums for my slimming programs! I feel much healthier, more energetic and of course a step closer to the body figure which I have always wanted it to be! Thank you AOX!

Jonathan Chin
Self Employed
*Constipation and Lethargic

I used to feel lethargic and tired very often, but I now definitely feel a change after drinking AOX. I feel more energetic which allows me to engage in more activities. I also used to have problems of constipation and indigestion. After drinking AOX, I feel that my digestion has become much better and I no longer have the problem of constipation. My wife no longer needs to boil water as AOX dispenses Hot/Cold/Warm water for my family. She feels more youthful and energetic. My family loves AOX and we realized that we no longer have strong cravings for the unhealthy soft drinks that we used to drink. We would strongly recommend every family to install AOX.

Elderly Couple Recommend AOX

Christabel Tan
*Acnes gone, more energetic and mental clarity

I am 19 years old and I have had bad acne for approximately two years. I had to wear make-up to cover the blemishes. After drinking AOX for 3 weeks, I have found a huge improvement in my complexion. I now have very little acne left. There were times that I had very little sleep, but I realised that AOX had helped me with mental clarity and energy to carry on my day in school. Thank you, AOX!

Pastor Recommends AOX

Lau Hong Lim
IT Consultant
*Blood Sugar Level & High Blood Pressure are down

The demands of being a successful IT Consultant and to keep up with pace of technology had caused my health to decline. I had an onset of adult diabetes and hypertension. A good friend introduced me to AOX water. Within 3 months, my blood sugar and blood pressure have reduced significantly. I was stunned and very excited about the results from drinking this miracle water.

Jane Tan
JJ Director
*Anti-bodies up

I had a medical check-up recently and found out that the count of my anti-bodies amounted to more than 600 points. A normal healthy person should have a count of around 10 points. I give credit to AOX for strengthening my immune system and greatly increasing the number of my anti-bodies. I realized that I now have a higher energy level as compared to before I started drinking AOX which was about a month ago. I am recommending AOX to all my friends and relatives.

Former Nurse Recommends AOX

Jeffrey Tan
General Manager
*9 years of suffering from Migraine

I have been suffering from bad migraines for more than 9 years and have had to take pain killers regularly. After we installed the AOX dispenser in my office and home, I no longer suffered the frequent headaches. Now, I cannot even remember the last time I had to take the pills. I even lost 3 kg and am enjoying waistline that was reduced from 32” to 31” after just 2 months of regularly drinking AOX. I also used to have to replenish some common medicine such as TamiFlu for my family members every month. Ever since the installation of the AOX water dispenser, I haven’t had to replenish the medicines a single time because my family members have all remained healthy to date. A Healthy Man is a Happy Man.

Veronica Ong
Certified Nurse
*AOX the answer to optimal health

After drinking the AOX water for the past one and half month and recommended many friends and family members to drink, I had received many favourable feedback from each of them such as:-

Increased energy level Better concentration with no more mental fatigue Quality night sleep; waking up each morning fully alert Almost immediate relief of joint pain due to presence of uric acid Family members enjoy optimal immune system with no incidence of flu Personally I lost 2kg in one and half month without any change in lifestyle Personally I also realised that I do not experience anymore menstrual cramp for the last 2 months and the menstrual flow is normal with no more clot My son’s acne has since been cleared naturally

Drinking AOX anti-oxidant alkaline water daily is definitely the answer to optimal health; hence quality of life!

Philip Seow Recommends AOX

Sally Goh
House Wife
*My 3 patches of pigmentation have lightened

I am so grateful to my husband for installing AOX. The 3 dark patches of pigmentation on my right cheek have lightened. My face now looks more radiant and glowing and the skin is more tight and supple. I used to have a problem with stepping on the floor early in the morning because my feet would hurt when I did that. However, after drinking AOX, I am fully recovered. I also realised that my husband now looks younger and more radiant. My entire family feels the health benefits of drinking AOX.

Leukemia Survivor Recommends AOX

Christy Tan
Business Owner
*No more Menstrual cramps and flaky skin

I have been a regular user of the health supplement: Pine Bark Extract for many years. I took it because I believed that it had anti-aging properties and it could strengthen my immune system.

The health supplement did improve my health condition. However, I noted that the most significant improvement to my health came only after I had been drinking AOX water regularly for a few months. The pigmentation of my facial skin lightened. The skin on my limbs which used to be dry and flaky were no longer so. I used to visit the doctor quite frequently for my menstrual cramps. I am free now from this problem.

I would strongly recommend drinking AOX water to people who care about living a healthy lifestyle.

Veronica Ng
Director for
Centre for
of Family
Pte Ltd
*Knee Pain gone in 3 days

As a former nurse, I understand fully, the importance of health. That’s why I chose AOX for my family. After 3 days of drinking AOX, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the pain in my knee that I usually had was completely gone. I can now walk up the stairs without pain. For the benefit of my staffs’ and students’ health, I replaced my 2 units of water dispensers to AOX dispensers. AOX is definitely more convenient. It also saves cost and space.

Heart Attack Survivor Recommends AOX

Julia 3 Weeks After

Kyaw Win Soe AOX Challenge

Low Kwok Cheng 1 Month After

78 Year Old Stephen Seow

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