Rich in Alkaline Minerals
Strong Anti-Oxidant properties
Works like Vitamin C
100% Natural
FDA Approved (100% Safe)
Type Of AOX Filters

  • F12 Sediment/Nano Silver Activated Carbon filter
    • 5 micron high quality sediment filter. Sediment Filter effectively removes sediments such as rust particle, sand, dust and microscopic impurities present in the water.

      Nano Silver Activated Carbon Filter effectively removes organic chemical substances such as chlorine, cancer causing substances, pigment, taste, odor, detergent and other impurities present in the water. Nano Silver inhibits the growth of bacteria with its excellent anti-bacterial properties.

      Protects your ion-exchange resins
  • F3 AOX Antioxidant Alkaline Filter
    • This Anti-Oxidant Alkaline Filter makes the water 100% natural Antioxidant and increases the pH of the water to become Alkaline. It also decreases the size of the water molecule clusters by 50% to improve hydration up to 3 times more effectively than normal water.

      It supplies health sustaining essential minerals – potassium, sodium, magnesium, calcium and silica for development of healthy blood cells and stronger bones.
  • F4 Post Carbon Filter
    • This Post Activated Carbon Filter is designed to improve taste. It effectively removes any residual impurities and odors present in the water and provide a finer conditioning of pure water.
  • UV Water Sterilizer
    • Kills 99.9% of all bacteria and viruses.

      Wavelength of 254 Nanometers.

      26,000 microWatt/Second cm2.

      8000 hours life.

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