Rich in Alkaline Minerals
Strong Anti-Oxidant properties
Works like Vitamin C
100% Natural
FDA Approved (100% Safe)
AOX Radi-X

  • AOX Radi-X
    • Protect your ears, brain & body against the harmful effects of cell phone radiation and electro pollution with AOX Radi-X Cell Phone EMF Harmonizer.

      In today’s modern society, we are becoming increasingly dependent on technology. We use cell phones, laptops, iPads and many other forms of wireless technology every single day. While all of these are extremely useful forms of technology, using such technology comes with a certain hidden cost. That cost is this: our health.

      Most forms of wireless technologies emit EMF waves. According to many health specialists, EMF waves have significant negative implications on our health.

      Dr. David Carpenter, Dean at the School of Public Health State University of New York asserts that 30% of all childhood cancers are associated with EMF exposure. Doctors from the United Kingdom have also issued warnings urging children under 16 not to use cell phones because there is significant scientific evidence that using the cell phone, even just for a few minutes, heats our brain tissue and affects our brain cells. Furthermore, due to their high frequencies, EMF waves have been shown to result in significant increases in blood pressure.

      The scientific community at large accepts that electro-magnetic radiation emitted from wireless technology affects the health and well being of technology users. Nevertheless, we tend to ignore this risk in our continued usage of such technology. Indeed, it would be absurd to expect us not to, considering our dependency on convenient devices such as mobile phones. However, the question remains: Should we not try to minimize the risk of such technologies to our health as well as the health of our loved ones?




    • Using Mineral + Scalar Energy Technology

      After considerable research, scientists and geologists have discovered certain earth minerals with the ability to harmonize the Heating and Radiation/EMF successfully. Here at AOX, we have coupled this newfound technology with Scalar Energy Embedding technology to bring to you a new product: AOX Radi-X. AOX Radi-X serves to protect your ears and brain from the harmful EMF waves that technology such as mobile phones radiate.

      To date, this product has been exported to more than 15 countries.
    • AOX Radi-X has been scientifically tested for its EMF harmonizing capability. Specifically, the method of Kirlian Photography was used. Kirlian photos are unique in that they indicate the presence or absence of EMF waves through colour codes. The presence of the colours: red, orange or yellow indicate the presence of EMF waves. However, the colours green or blue indicate the absence of EMF wave radiation. More information on Kirlian colour codes and their interpretations can be found in the Kirlian Colour Coding Instructions. An ordinary cell phone receiving an incoming call was photographed using the method of Kirlian Photography. The Kirlian photo indicated a high presence of EMF waves surrounding the cell phone, as evident by the swirl of red, orange and yellow around the cell phone. While the incoming call was still in progress, we stuck an AOX Radi-X on the rear of the cell phone and took another Kirlian Photograph. This time, the colours surrounding the cell phone were green and blue, thus indicating the absence of the EMF waves that had initially surrounded the cell phone! In other words, the AOX Radi-X negated the presence of the harmful EMF waves that the cell phone was emitting!

      KIRLIAN Photograph of an unprotected mobile phone emitting radiation which can be hazardous to health.

      (Radiation is represented by the colours: yellow, orange and red)

      KIRLIAN Photograph of a safe and protected mobile phone with AOX RADI-X.

      (Represented by the Green and Blue colors)


    • AOX Radi-X also helps to reduce the heat generated by cell phones considerably. We demonstrate this claim through the 2 tests as explained below.

      Without AOX Radi-X
      A Digital Thermometer was fixed to a cell phone ( LG Model No: 3530). It indicated a temperature of 31.3 Degree C. After being put to use for 20 minutes, the temperature of the phone increased significantly to 36.7 Degrees C.

      With AOX Radi-X
      An AOX Radi-X was stuck onto the same phone. The phone was then put to use for 20 minutes. The Digital Thermometer showed only a slight increase in the temperature: 32.4 Degrees C. AOX Radi-X has clearly reduced the heat generated by the cell phone by 80%.
  • Frequently Asked Questions
    • Q. Will the AOX Radi-X chip affect the signal strength of Cellphone?
      A. No! The AOX Radi-X chip will not affect the signal strength of the mobile phone.

      Q. I have been a heavy user of mobile phone for years and I feel fine, why should I use AOX Radi-X?
      A. It has been reported in scientific papers and accepted by doctors worldwide that continuous exposure to EMF emitted from cell phones adversely affects one’s health and may significantly increase the risk of cancer. Therefore, even though you may feel fine, it is no guarantee that you are safe. It would be prudent to use the chip instead of running the risk of exposing our bodies to EMF.

      Q. Can I transfer my AOX Radi-X to another phone?
      A. Yes you can, but the glue may not stick well. It would be better to use a new one.

      Q. Are AOX Radi-X cell chips water and heat resistant?
      A. Yes, the AOX Radi-X cell chips are water and heat resistant.

      Q. What is the lifespan of the AOX Radi-X cell chip?
      A. The AOX Radi-X cell chip is designed to last for life.

      Q. Can the AOX Radi-X be used on other electronic gadgets?
      A. Yes, while the AOX Radi-X cell chip is usually used for mobile phones, it can be used on any other electronic device which emits radiation. This includes: televisions, laptops, computers, microwave ovens, refrigerators and so on.

      Q. Can you prove the effectiveness of the AOX Radi-X?
      A. Yes, we can. Other than the method of using Kirlian Photos, we can also use a Celluar Phone/EMF Detection Meter to measure the radiation level before and after pasting the AOX Radi-X on a cell phone. More than just scientifically, you can also experience the effectiveness of the AOX Radi-X personally, instantly. Upon sticking the AOX Radi-X on your phone, you should be able to feel a significant drop in the temperature of your mobile phone.. Furthermore, if you have experienced discomfort when using mobile phones previously, for example pain in your ears, we believe that upon sticking AOX Radi-X, you should immediately feel the absence of any such discomfort.

      Q. How is AOX Radi-X different from other similar gadgets?
      A. AOX Radi-X is the only gadget in the world that addresses both the problems of EMF radiation and HEAT RADIATION problems simultaneously by adopting a unique and proven Mineral Technology + Scalar Energy Embedding.

      Q. Where can I buy AOX Radi-X and how much does it cost?
      A. Call 6456 4321 to make your order. It is going for S$29.90. We are giving away 1 free for every order of 10 pieces. Free Delivery in Singapore for order above 10 pieces. Start protecting your health and the health of your loved ones today!
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