Rich in Alkaline Minerals
Strong Anti-Oxidant properties
Works like Vitamin C
100% Natural
FDA Approved (100% Safe)
  • Introduction
    • Do you lack the energy you once had? Are you suffering from headaches, fatigue, niggling health problems, unexplained aches and pains, poor digestion, constipation or skin problems? Are you conscious that your diet isn't quite as good as it should be, and that you've hit the junk food, the bottle or a packet of cigarettes more often than you ought to? Do you seem to have put on weight squarely around your middle?

      Perhaps you've been on long-term medication or a course of anti­biotics; perhaps you are aware that you overuse chemicals - for cleaning your home, personal hygiene and even washing your clothes. Do you spend a lot of time breathing in fumes from traffic? Do you regularly have your clothing dry-cleaned? Or do you live in a highly polluted area? Is water low on your list of favourite regular drinks? Are you aware that you don't drink enough water, full stop?

      All and any of these are compelling reasons why AOX is right for you. We are surrounded by toxins in daily life and it's not surprising that they begin to have an impact on our overall health, affecting the organs in our bodies such as the liver, lungs, digestive system, skin and kidneys, that are designed to eliminate them. When our systems become compromised, toxins begin to build up and our bodies struggle to maintain balance. The result? Health problems, lack of energy, weight issues and a sluggish, stagnant system that affects our well-being on every level.

      AOX is designed to spring-clean your body, restoring the blood cells to deliver oxygen and nutrients effectively. It helps to remove toxins that have been stored, kick-starting, supporting and cleansing the organs that are responsible for elimination and getting things moving so that every system is working efficiently.

      And what can you expect as a result? Niggling health problems will vanish, and you'll experience renewed energy and vigour; your skin will glow with good health and your body will begin to work effectively. If you are overweight, you can expect to lose some unwanted pounds, par­ticularly around the middle of your body, where they tend to be stored when your liver is under pressure and you have been burning the can­dle at both ends. Best of all, you'll clear out debris, and that will leave your body feeling fresh and vital.

      Whether you want a quick fix to undo some short-term damage, or something longer term to deep-clean a sluggish system and get it work­ing the way it should, AOX is for you and your family.

      Now, let's get started on AOX to fight Free Radicals and degenerative diseases. DRINK AOX, your easy way to better health!
  • Our Vision
    • With God’s guidance, we work towards the goal of making AOX brand the most preferred Antioxidant Alkaline Water Dispensers in Asia.
  • Our Mission
    • 1. To educate the public on healthy lifestyle by addressing:
      a. The health issues arising from Acidosis
      b. The preventive measures of Antioxidant Alkaline Water
      c. The steps to incorporate healthy living into one’s existing lifestyle

      2. To ensure our water solution remains affordable, easy to use and relevant.

      3. To build a network of support between businesses, communities, medical associations and health board.

      4. To share and reward active participants.
  • Our Core Values
    • Pursuit of Excellence
      We strive for the highest professional standards in our work and aim to be the best in everything we do.

      Customer First
      Our customers are foremost in our minds all the time. We go the extra mile to exceed their expectations.

      Concern for Staff
      We value our staff and care for their well-being. We treat them with respect and dignity and seek to provide them with appropriate training and development so that they can lead fulfilling careers.

      We strive for fairness in all our business and working relationships.

      We work with pride as a team to achieve success together.
  • Core Competencies of JC LIVING STREAM
    • Our core competencies include the design and assembly of water purification systems with excellent customer service support. Our product suite embraces a complete line of water filtration products and components including filtration, reverse osmosis, custom design and antioxidant alkaline filter.

      We at JC LIVING STREAM stand behind every product we sell, with guaranteed after sales customer service support. All AOX Antioxidant Alkaline Water Purifier Systems are backed by experienced specialists. In addition, should you have queries, help is always available. Just call our customer service department or email us. We put you, our customer, first. Hence we aim to delight you with our products, prices and service.
  • History
    • JC LIVING STREAM PTE LTD is headquartered in Singapore. Our company’s goal has been to develop and market high quality water treatment systems for better health benefits. We positioned our products at an affordable price and offer exceptional customer support. Our sole purpose is to focus on providing and delivering clean, refreshing water with alkaline minerals to strengthen our body immune systems to every household and office.
  • Awards

  • After - Sales Customer Service
    • The service department of JC LIVING STREAM is available to assist with a wide variety of issues ranging from the installation of our products to filter replacement and other queries as well. We can be reached by the following:

      Phone (65) 6456 4321
      Fax (65) 6659 1432

      Monday through Friday, 9:00am to 6:00pm
      Saturday, 9:00am to 1:00pm
      (Singapore Time)


 6456 4321
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